New York with X&G

If you have never gone to New York, GO! it's such a rad place. It has so much life, movement, and culture that you can't help but feel motivated and inspired. 

X&G , Josh Pan, 88 Rising , DAMN SON!

Two things about NYC I was hella stoked for 1: Shooting photos of my friends X&G and 2: VAYNER MEDIA, the gods of social media. We stayed in Manhattan so we could be close to everything. The touristy places were chill for like 1 min, but the real gold was everywhere else. The buildings, endless traffic, and I all the fresh style that the people have. I felt like I needed to step up my shoe game after being there. If you're into streetwear fashion, music, and art, this is a MUST Check out. 

It was pretty insane just casually hanging with rock stars like Josh Pan, 88 Rising, and Sayer. All the dudes were hella nice and focused on music and creating the next big thing. I guess it makes sense why they are killing it right? I know I am leaving NYC motivated to push Damn Son! and myself to limits I didn't think were possible.  

Here are some pics of the show and the city! Checkout X&G, Josh Pan, and Sayer