Addicted To Distractions

If you're anything like I am, I get lost in the endless scroll of instagram, facebook, and now snapchat stories. It's like a weird hypnotic circle that goes from one social media platform to the next, then back to the start. 


Last week I was listening to Darren Hardy's (p.s. there is a lot of gold in this) keynote speech on focused work, he said that we are "addicted to distractions" and that the super achievers of our modern day have "radical focus". I've become addicted to personal development so I'm totally putting myself on the spot here because this is something I'm personally working on.

I know I get HELLA distracted, and fast. Seeing my phone light up with a text, tweet, email, or whatever notification and I'll immediately check and see what it is. Even if it's just a glance. But more often than not, that glance turns into a minute or two or 10. Or, I'll have a friend show me something funny I'll get distracted, show them something funny, and there goes the spiral of memes. Do that multiple times a day, and YUP, there goes the day, there goes the unfinished task, there goes your train of thought etc.  I'm not saying that social media is bad, HELL NO, I freakin' love this stuff. I know that for me, these little distractions take the one thing we can NEVER GET BACK, time. 

We want to see everything people are doing, wheather you admit it or not. 

We want to see everything people are doing, wheather you admit it or not. 

My personal challenge for this week is to track my time/key objectives better. I'm going to do this via Vlog and planed out daily tasks. Feel free to join me, I'd love to see how you work on having radical focus. I'm doing this because I have goals I need to achieve, and I know there is NO WAY I'll be able to achieve those goals if I can't master the art of radical focus.  

Have a rad week, stay focused, and kick some ass.