Los Angeles, Tucson, Belden Town, and SLC.

In the past two weeks I have been to Los Angeles, Tucson AZ, Belden CA, and here in SLC working and collaborating with friends.

selfie in L.A.

I feel incredibly fortunate to be working and collaborating with amazing companies like Even StevensTobacco Motorwear CompanyX&GDAMN SON, and Klicker.

Each one makes me stretch and push myself to make shit happen. There isn't a day that goes by where I'm not stoked on life or the project I'm working on. Here's a quick shakedown of the past couple weeks.

1: Tucson AZ with Even Stevens: They just opened their 13th location. what's the big deal about that? easy, 13 unique locations, 3 years, and over ONE MILLION sandwiches donated. Their team has expanded to over 400 employees. All of "witch" have insane devotion and love to the brand. Which makes the experience all the more unique. I will for sure elaborate on this trip a lot more in a future post because I was fortunate to follow the owner Michael to the opening of this location. But, for reals, if you're a business owner, take note as to how ES! is ran and functions. There's a reason they are number one.

2: LA: I went there for three things. Sourcing apparel for DamnSon! photoshoot with Tobacco, and to meet with K-Swiss. I did a photoshoot in the morning, drove to LA (10 hours) and went to work. The main thing I want to point out is, BE READY for a business pitch at all times and stay focused. I got distracted by the awe of Los Angeles that I feel my trip could have been executed much better. None the less I made shit happen and I'm stoked with what I learned on that 3 day trip. It was just me and my ambition.

3: X&G / DAMN SON! - Just wrapped up my first festival with the boys in Belen town CA. Emissions Festival 2017. This small festival was insane and packed with stories to say the least. Because of my ambition to start a record label years ago, I'm now traveling with the future of Bass Music. X&G played the main stage at 2am. Seeing fans grove to their music and making new friends is what the music culture is all about. The next generation of hungry producers. With DS! it's great to see the business side of things like fashion, lingo, and beats. I'm hungry, more than I've ever been.

I'll keep grinding. I'll keep missing these post because I can't keep up. But when I do keep up, I'll share what I can. If you read, thanks for reading.

Much love.


Omar Prestwich